What Exactly Is Electronic Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Some of the equipment that might be used would be line location equipment to be able to locate where the lines are running underground or the slab and/or several types of high powered listening devices to listen for air (that would be pumped into the water system), water and/or mixture of both escaping from the pipe through the leak.

Locating concealed fresh water leaks is a very difficult job. Many people in industry say they can do it, but very few people can actually pinpoint a leak properly. A major key to proper leak location is having someone who does and has done many of them. The more someone does the better they will be at them

Unfortunately no one in fresh water leak detection is perfect, but the right ears and experience is the key to getting right the overwhelming majority of the time. It is important to understand that when detecting a fresh water leak usually only one leak can be found at a time. Meaning it would be necessary to find and fix one leak then re-test the system to see if there are any further leaks.

However, do believe that the homes that have had more than one leak over any period of time will very likely continue to have leaks within the system. With this in mind, in most cases recommend leak location and spot repair of a home’s first leak.

Although many people in industry highly recommend re-routing water pipes to the attic immediately when a leak is discovered, this is not something that recommend at all. believe re-routing should be avoided at all costs and be used only as an absolute last possible option. Putting fresh water lines in walls and attics where one leak could cause major damage to a home is in opinion a very bad idea.


Leaks are always inconvenient, and it makes no difference when the leak comes to your attention, it is clear that there is a possibility that there is a very major issue causing the leak in question. More often than not, there is more to it than observing a pool of water and then repairing a pipe situated above it which makes it necessary for you to engage the expertise of a professional service

In the event of you suspecting a leak, the best thing to do is, first of all, turn off the water at the mains in an office building before you go home from work. At the same time, it is a good idea to take a reading from the water meter. The following morning, turn on the water again and take another meter reading. Any difference in the two readings can indicate that there is a leak. Places, where the water pressure is high or inconsistent, are susceptible to a lot of breaks and leaks

can guarantee punctuality in arrival time and as a matter of courtesy, you will receive a telephone call when skilled staff are making the journey to your home. All the plumbers employ have police clearance and are fully competent for the job. All the required tools and equipment are stocked in service vans so that most plumbing repairs are possible to do in your home without needing to look for supplies.


Water pipe leaks are an increasing cause of homeowner insurance claims today thanks to continuous usage of aging systems.  Corrosion that takes hold in your water systems can lead to systemic damage, cracking, pipe bursts and eventually flooding.  Getting to these leaks in their infancy is crucial if you’re to minimize the structural and financial impact water leaks can cause

techs are water system experts capable of finding leaking components throughout your property’s systems. use a variety of testing processes including odor detection, visual inspections, thermal imaging of walls, foundations and more, to identify degraded piping elements. can even detect water main leaks that may be impacting the water supply throughout your entire piping system.

What is Leak Detection?

The sound of running water when no water should be running – you could have a slab leak

A warm or hot spot on the floor could be the indication of a hot water slab leak

If you observe cracks in the wall, doorways or floors it could be damage resulting from a slab leak

Mysterious moisture, excessive moisture or mildew under carpets, vinyl floors and walls could indicate a slab leak

High water bills could also indicate a slab leak, or a leak in your irrigation, pool or plumbing under the slab.

Water Leak FAQs

If you have questions about leak detection, have the answers! goal is to give customers all of the information they need pertaining to water leaks and leak detection so they get a good understanding of the products and services offer them.

How does a leak detector work?

A pipe or area with no leak sounds different than a pipe or area that has a leak or leaks. Smaller leaks emit a sound that is too high of a frequency for people to hear, and this is where leak detectors come in. Certain leak detectors take this sound and convert it to a level you can hear through a pair of headphones. As you get closer to the leak, the sound gets louder.

The Plumbers Complete Leak Detection Kit

Launching a career in Plumbing Leak Detection or adding leak detection services to an established business is easy with the equipment in the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit. Wherever the leak is on the customer’s property, you’re going to find it accurately, and fast! Don’t call someone else to take care of YOUR client. perform an end to end leak detection on your own using the equipment in the Plumbers Kit. It’s everything you need to take the call and get the job done right.

The heart of all kits, including the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit, is the LT-1000 Amplifier. research and development team has engineered this phantom powered device to deliver highly sensitive listening capabilities and works to power all the listening technologies you’ll find in the Plumbers Kit.

start leak detection at the meter. If can see the meter spinning, confident water is moving through the house. it is important to have all devices off in the house. No running eater, no running toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, showers or sinks. Turn everything off in the house. If the meter is still spinning, it’s virtually guaranteed the customer has a leak

Now, shut the water main into the house. If the meter is still spinning, a leak is between the meter and the house – though a leak may still exist in the house itself. If it’s not – we have a leak further back on the property, in the house. This is where the listening equipment in the Plumbers Kit takes the stage.

Customers call for a number of reasons. They hear water running, they see a visual confirmation of a leak or they see a spike in their utility bill. Wherever the cause of these issues lies, you’ve got the equipment to accurately find those leaks and get paid.

Leak Detectors

Leak detectors use a variety of technologies to quickly identify and locate small leaks in enclosed gas systems, increasing system performance and eliminating safety hazards. Most all leak detectors use one of the three leading sensing technologies; heated diode, solid-state, and ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic Inspection System

Digital system for mechanical and electrical inspections, leak detection, energy audits, vibration testing, and more.

Gas Leak Monitor

Superior performance, flexibility & functionality for low level continuous monitoring of refrigerant gases used in most commercial systems .

Wireless Totalizing Transmitter

Measure average flow and totalized volume, simple connection to a turbine meter or a pulse output device.

Acoustic Imaging Camera

Detects and displays leaks in compressed air systems and partial discharge problems in high voltage electrical systems.

Leak Detector

Allows pinpoint detection of both refrigerant and combustible gas leaks with the same instrument.